Boris Müller

Interface & Interaction Design






02. 2014

Deutscher-Infografik-Preis 2014 (German information graphics award) in the category science for GED Viz


11. 2013

Information is Beautiful Silver Award in the category Tool for GED Viz


09. 2005

iF design award for Philips Dynamic Lighting Website


04. 2003

100 Beste Plakate (the 100 best posters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) for Poetry on the Road 2002


03. 2003

Certificate of Typographic Excellence from the Type Directors Club New York for Poetry on the Road 2002


04. 2002

Honorable Mention from the Net Art Commission for Sociotopic


03. 2001

Excellence Award at the 4th ACA Media Arts Festival Tokyo for The Forest of Thoughts


02. 2001

First Prize in the Student Category of the EuroPrix 2000 for Rund um den Domshof in Bremen


05. 2000

Special Distinction at the Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award for the fragments project