Boris Müller

Interface & Interaction Design



Teaching & Research

Since 2004, I am a Professor for Interaction Design at the Interface Design Department of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (fhp). Here you can find a selection of my activities at the university.



The Urban Complexity Lab hosts research projects related to visualization and interaction design | 2015 – ongoing

The aim of the eu project senses is to make climate change scenarios more accessible by using advanced interactive visualisations | 2017 – ongoing


The vind project investigated the relationship of user-centered and data-driven design | 2016 – 2017

A Brief History of CO2 Emissions is an animated short film on greenhouse gas emissions | 2017


Shifted Maps reveals networks in personal movement data | 2014 – ongoing


Incom is a communication platform for creative communities | 2004 – ongoing

eu project mace – Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe | 
2006 – 2009


mæve – a tangible exploration of social and intellectual networks | 2008

Innovationsforum Interaktionsdesign – a two-day conference on interaction design | 2007

Thesis Supervision

Our Symbiotic Life – MA thesis of Katja Budinger | 2017

The Organ Generator – MA thesis of Roman Grasy | 2017


Passim – MA thesis of Paul Heinicker | 2015

Culturegraphy – MA thesis of Kim Albrecht | 2014


The Iranian Internet – MA thesis of Maral Pourkazemi | 2012

Understanding Data – MA thesis of Dorothée Stietz | 2011


Visual tools for the socio-semantic web – MA thesis of Moritz Stefaner | 2007

Understanding Games – Diploma thesis of Andreas Zecher | 2007

Thesis Supervision

Urban Data Flaneur – BA thesis of Heike Otten | 2017

Towards Inferred Personal Data – BA thesis of Lio Benz | 2017


Probing Projections – BA thesis of Julian Stahnke | 2015

They Know – BA thesis of Christian Laesser | 2014


Sousveillance – BA thesis of Florian Schulz | 2014

Typografie in Web – BA thesis of Chris Magiera | 2013


Digitaler Postmaterialismus – BA thesis of Lino Teutenberg | 2013

Liquid Democracy – BA thesis of Pierre LaBaume | 2012


I am teaching interface and interaction design in Potsdam | since 2003


Computer | 2017


Data Objects2016


Second Lie2007


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Are There Networks In Maps? An Experimental Visualization Of Personal Movement Data; Heike Otten, Lennart Hildebrandt, Till Nagel, Marian Dörk, Boris Müller – Poster at VIS, 2015

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